In 2000, just months after founder and fitness aficionada Patrícia Condra moved to the United States from her native Brazil, she realized that women’s sporting clothes in this country lacked comfort and appeal. After almost 10 years of extensive research and meticulous engineering of a product line that brings comfort, technology and innovative design to fitness wear, Condra was ready to get the concept off the ground and the AÇAí BERRY brand was born. 

AÇAí BERRY partnered with talented designers in Brazil to develop a clothing line that offers great fitting without losing style. Designed to make women feel more confident and determined whether they are working out at the gym, jogging at the park, going to the beach or even stopping by a club to get a drink, the AÇAí BERRY line stands out by combining practical and comfort with beautiful.

Our pieces are made of smart fabric developed based on research of tendencies, high-end materials and quality sewing. Our products thrive to fulfill the demand of a fast-paced environment that surrounds the market of technology-based products. At AÇAí BERRY, fashion and expertise meet resulting on differentiated and intelligent products.

AÇAí BERRY FASHION WEAR is incorporated in the state of Alabama. It is owned and managed by Patrícia Condra.




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